How to reduce slips and trips on bus & coach vehicles

Reducing accidental slips and falls by passengers is an important consideration for bus and coach providers. Thankfully, there are modern, commercial safety flooring solutions that can help with this and provide guaranteed lifetime slip resistance. Here Emily Hancock, Marketing Coordinator, International Key Accounts, at Forbo Flooring Systems explains further.

Just a few years ago, Transport for London collected data, which highlighted that 56% of injuries to passengers on board London buses were caused by slips, trips and falls. More recently, the National Public Service Vehicle’s (PSV) ‘Accident Survey’ also discovered that slip and fall injuries were four times more likely to occur on buses than injuries caused by vehicular collisions. In light of these figures, it is understandable why the sector is working towards improving passenger safety.

Today’s safety flooring solutions represent a quick and easy way to improve slip resistance within public transport environments. Featuring innovative slip resistant particles, modern solutions, such as our Step Safety Vinyl collection are ideal for use across public transport applications.


This high-performing product collection has been designed to meet all relevant safety flooring standards. Products within this collection combine aesthetics, durability and outstanding slip resistance (up to R12), along with guaranteed lifetime slip resistance.

As well as offering unrivalled performance, the range is also available in a wide range of finishes and colourways to meet the needs of different public transport providers. With over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing safety vinyl systems, no company is better placed than Forbo Flooring Systems to deliver flooring solutions that provide the right balance between aesthetics and performance.


Our collection of Coral FR entrance systems help to prevent premature wear and tear of interior floor coverings and finishes to ensure reduced slip hazards. Similarly, as the market leading textile entrance flooring range, Coral FR stops up to 95% of dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes at the point of entry. At the same time, by limiting the amount of dirt that enters transport interiors, the range can also help to minimise cleaning costs.

Akin to the Step Safety Vinyl collection, the Coral FR entrance system range is available across a number of styles and colourways. To this end, those installing solutions from the range can rely on them to deliver a great first impression to passengers both in terms of performance and aesthetic. What’s more, the range is PVC and phthalate free and is manufactured in a highly sustainable manner. We can also cut to shape/size to suit all floor plans, greatly reducing installation times.


So, in looking to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls within bus and coach operations, it is clear that those in the sector are looking for high-performing safety flooring solutions. By doing so, public transport providers can reduce the risk of accidents occurring and the potential for costly claims further down the line. In this effort, it’s essential to opt for flooring specialists, with proven track records in delivering public transport flooring systems that work.

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