Why choose Flotex FR for rail vehicles?

A unique, textile, flocked floor covering, combining the cleaning properties and durability of a resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistance and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles. Flotex FR can be rotary printed (Flotex Colour FR) or digitally printed (Flotex Vision FR). Irrespective of the printing technique used all Flotex FR products share the same unique benefits:

• High definition print offers you complete freedom of design

Flotex Vision FR - Web

• Bespoke design service

• Lightweight approximately 1800 gram/m2

• Easy to clean

• Impervious backing makes it suitable for wet cleaning

• Excellent acoustic properties up to 20 dB

• Slip resistance >0.30

• Durable construction: using Nylon 6.6

• Dimensionally stable

• Improved indoor air quality (independently proven by Allergy UK)

• Easy to repair any damaged areas

• Ortho-phthalate free

• Cut to size/shape option • Reaction to fire EN45545-2: HL2

Flotex Vision FR_Track

Flotex FR is made up from a solid vinyl, reinforced base with a densely flocked surface of nylon 6.6. fibres that are anchored firmly into the base layer.

Extremely dimensionally stable
Flotex FR is extremely dimensionally stable and has the optics of a textile floor covering, whilst being as durable and as easy to clean as any resilient floorcovering.

Durable & comfortable
Discover the durability of Flotex FR, which comes as a result of over 70 million nylon 6.6. fibres per square metre, while experiencing the quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet as a result of the impervious cushioned backing and high pile density.

Quiet yet hygienic
The nylon fibres not only perform in sound absorption and comfort, they also capture allergens and fine dust from the air, all of which they effortlessly release in any cleaning action in both dry and wet conditions. Through its construction, Flotex FR has exceptional appearance retention, as the floor restores to mint condition after every cleaning action.

Warm while washable
Simple every day vacuuming removes any dirt or dust trapped in the dense nylon surface. However also steam cleaning or deeper mechanical cleaning can be used after heavy soiling, requiring a minimum of traditional detergents. Simple cleaning action already restores Flotex FR to its original appearance. The wide array of colours and designs in which Flotex FR is offered, remain as vibrant and livery as the day the floor was installed.

Safe & sound absorbing
Flotex FR provides good impact sound reduction (>22dB) and meets the slip resistance classification EN13893 (µ ≥0.30).

Flotex Colour FR

A collection of four designs; Metro, Penang, Calgary and Canyon. Together they form a rhapsody of colour across a broad spectrum.

Flotex Vision FR

A unique collection of over 500 high definition digitally printed designs ranging from abstracts with an intricate colour spectrum to realistic images of natural materials.

With over 500 references to choose from, Flotex Vision FR is offered to you in a flexible and always up-to-date Digital Library

Flotex Vision FR -Traverse

High definition digital print

As Flotex FR flocked flooring has over 70 million fibres per square metre, it provides a matte high-density substrate for printing, enabling vibrant designs and true to life visuals that can be produced in high level photographic resolutions.

Endless design options

Digital printing is well suited to designs that require visual detail and effects that cannot easily be reached through conventional printing. Flotex Vision FR contains over 500 individual items.

Design Themes
To give you some guidance and offer you a logical design path we have created different categories within the library, each of them representing a different design style (i.e. linear, geometric, naturals…). In addition to the standard items in the library, we also offer the option to create your own bespoke colourways on some designs, which can be seen via the digital library.

Bespoke Design
It is also possible to create your own unique designs. This is not part of the online library but can be discussed with your local Forbo Transport Key Account Manager. You can also email us: transport@forbo.com for more details.

Find out what flooring solutions Forbo Flooring Systems has available for your next rail interior design project by visiting the transport section of our website.

Alternatively, if you wish for a Forbo Flooring Key Account Manager to contact you or to send in an enquiry then please email your details to the following address; transport@forbo.com.

For more information please contact;

IKAM Marketing Manager

IKAM Marketing Team
Forbo Flooring Systems UK Ltd
High Holborn Road

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