12 Days of Forbo Festive Facts!

Since 12th December we have been posting a Forbo Festive Fact each day on our social media platforms. untitled

If you didn’t get a chance to catch them all, we have listed them all below.

Day 1 – The Venice Simplon orient express relies on Marmoleum washers between the bogie and the car body so that it doesn’t squeak and annoy passengers as it goes around bends.

Day 2 –The voltage being supplied to the flocking machines for the electrostatic flocking process adds up to 375,000 volts during the production of Flotex FR.

Day 3 – Coral FR products can be cut & shaped-to-size and delivered in kits to have easy & quick installation with almost no waste.

Day 4 –  Forbo Flooring Systems have 16 production sites in 7 countries.



Day 5 –Linoleum was invented more than 150 years ago . Find out how we make it here

Day 6 – The Tessera FR tufting machine is capable of making over 30000 stiches per. minute

Day 7 – Our Westbond factory consumes enough yarn in one year while producing the N9000 product to go around the world more than twice.

Day 8 –  During Flotex FR production process flock fibres fly through the air at a speed of 2 metres per second.




Day 9 – We can provide Coral customized Pro-Label labelling, including barcode to link with your Inventory/Warehouse Management System.

Day 10 – If you put all the tufts end to end from 1 square metre of Westbond N9000 it would be 1.9 Kilometres

Day 11– Marmoleum FR is created using linseed oil, wood flour, tree rosin, limestone and jute

Day 12 – For flock prep there are 300 cuts per minute and 4 million 2mm fibres with every cut = 1.2 billion flock fibres cut every minute

Seasons Greetings from the Forbo Transport Team! 



To find out more about the full range of Forbo’s flooring solutions available to the transport industry please visit http://www.forbo-flooring.com/transport. Alternatively if you wish for a Forbo Flooring representative to contact you or to send in an enquiry then please email your details to the following address: transport@forbo.com.


For more information and high resolution imagery please contact;

IKAM Marketing Team
Forbo Flooring Systems UK Ltd
High Holborn Road
Tel: +44 (0)1773 744121

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