Digitally Printed Rail Floor Covering – Flotex FR

The world of surface printing is rapidly changing, with end-users demanding a greater variety of colours and designs. Customers now want to be able to express their individuality and tailor their designs to suit their individual project requirements.

Digital printing allows for not only the customisation of existing designs but also the creation of completely bespoke designs. With very few limits to the type of pattern, number of colours and level of detail, you are not tied down to traditional fixed repeat sizes or machine constraints. In addition the design process is a much quicker process from concept to print allowing for just in time delivery and one off specials.

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Flotex FR – EN45545-2


So how does the Flotex FR printing process work and what makes it so good?

Flotex FR is a unique textile flocked floor covering, made using Nylon 6.6. It combines the cleaning properties and durability of a resilient flooring with the comfort, slip resistance and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles. The Flotex FR digital print process uses exactly the same Acid dyes that are used in the conventional printing of Nylon only in a 4 colour process format, much like a desktop inkjet printer. However, in order to ensure dye optimisation, the process starts with a pre-treatment, before actual printing. After this the print is steam fixed, locking the colour permanently into the fibres of the Flotex. The print will not fade or wear off when cleaned due to this chemically bonding printing process.

There are over 500 digitally printed designs in high level photographic resolution available to choose from. All designs are available in multiple colour combinations and can be edited if you require. If these designs are not what you are looking for, you can work with our inhouse design team to come up with a design to suit your project/needs.

Our design team have worked with some of the world leaders in the rail sector to create bespoke designs for rail interior design projects. Below we have an example of how clear and amazing the final HD digital printed designs looks.  Our design team worked with East Midlands Trains to create training platform.


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Jason Holmes Head of design Textiles loves the freedom digital printing has to offer-‘’As a designer, digital printing gives me the flexibility to visualise any design or customer concepts on a unique substrate with unrivalled performance.’’

The Flotex Digital Library offers you the opportunity to see the many possibilities that Flotex digitally printed floor coverings offer. You can view all the designs installed in various applications including rail click here, in order to get a better feel for how product will look like when in situe.

What is important to understand, is that with Flotex FR you are opening a door to amazing design possibilities. Whether you are looking for zebra print, floral design, pebbles on the floor, a natural wood like design, a tartan texture or something completely bespoke, we can work with you.



We currently have customers who have installed Flotex FR onboard a number of trains because of its unique design capabilities as well as the benefits which are listed below.

• Excellent slip resistance
• Durable construction: using Nylon 6.6
• Easy to clean due to short nylon fibres
• Improved indoor air quality (independently proven by allergy UK)
• Reaction to fire EN45545-2 HL2
• High definition print offers you complete freedom of design

It is centric to the Forbo philosophy to offer floor covering solutions that ensure a safe and hygienic environment thus enhancing comfort and well-being. We apply this logic through our ‘Committed to the Health of One’ initiative that pervades how we operate and the messages we project. Why not contact us to learn about how we can help to achieve your goals for your marine/offshore interiors project?


To find out more about the full range of Forbo’s flooring solutions available to the rail segment, which include Flotex FR Flocked Flooring, Coral Move FR Carpet, Coral FR Entrance Flooring, Marmoleum FR Linoleum and Tessera FR Carpet then please visit Alternatively, if you wish to look at our latest rail brochure please click here. And to allow us to keep you updated with new products or designs as well as key installation references then please sign up to our quarterly TRANSPRESS newsletter here.


For further details please contact;

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