All aboard with ‘NEW’ Coral Marine FR

IMO Entrance & Corridor Floorcovering

Safety and cleanliness aboard any marine vessel or offshore environment is extremely important. With high volumes of foot traffic, comes dirt and moisture at entry points,  creating potential slip hazards. Entry points are most often also exit points, and in times of emergency, keeping these areas slip free is a must. When dirt and moisture is carried inside this can cause damage to interior floor finishes, which inturn will lead to increased cleaning costs. 

At Forbo we have developed a new IMO tested and approved entrance flooring solution to tackle this issue. Coral Marine FR is a new product in the market, replacing the previous Coral T32 FR product. It has been developed for use in entrances, as well as transitional areas such as corridors, lift lobbies etc… as it is an excellent barrier system that stops up to 95% of dirt and moisture at point of entry.

Coral Marine FR is a cut pile floor covering consisting of 60% wool and 40% polyamide. It is the ideal choice for an entrance system, simultaneously absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling. Coral entrance systems can reduce cleaning costs and prolong the life of on-board floor finishes and coverings.


Entrance Area_4222.vrimg

Coral Marine FR comes in a range of contemporary colours to suit all onboard interior designs Coral Marine FR has a purpose onboard any marine vessel big or small. Suitable for use on passenger ferries, cruise liners, charter boats, other seagoing vessels and offshore applications.


  • IMO tested and approved. Wheelmarked in accordance with the Maritime Equipment Directive (MED)
  • Stops up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture
  • High moisture absorption
  • Excellent dirt storage/soil hiding
  • Durable construction: using a 60% wool/40% nylon mix
  • PVC and phthalate free
  • Advanced colouring and choice
  • All references stocked for quick delivery
  • Using Coral Marine FR can reduce cleaning costs and prolong the lifetime of on board floor finishes and coverings.

It is centric to the Forbo philosophy to offer flooring solutions that ensure a safe and hygienic environment thus enhance comfort and well-being. We apply this logic through our ‘Committed to the Health of One’ initiative that pervades how we operate and the messages we project. Why not contact us to learn about how we can help to achieve your goals for your marine/offshore interiors project? 


To find out more about the full range of Forbo’s flooring solutions available to the transport industry please visit Alternatively if you wish to look at our latest marine brochure please click here. If you would prefer for a Forbo Flooring representative to contact you or to send in an enquiry then please email your details to the following address:

Huw Arthur
IKAM Marketing Coordinator
Forbo Flooring Systems UK Ltd
High Holborn Road
Tel: +44 (0)1773 744121


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