Coral FR into the new Hitachi Rail trains

Forbo Flooring Systems are currently working closely with Hitachi Rail on numerous new build rail vehicle projects including; Trans Pennine Express, Abelio Scot Rail, West of England and IEP Great Western Main Line/ East coast Main Line. All vehicles have Coral Classic FR in the vestibule areas, and the Abelio Scot Rail project also has Coral Move FR carpeting in the saloons.

Hitachi interior approved image cropped - 11.12.17 - ASR interior

First contacts were made with Hitachi via DCA back in 2010, regarding design concepts. The building and fit out of these new rail vehicles have predominantly been managed via Hitachi’s UK manufacturing facility in the North East. Flooring started being put into these projects back in 2016 and is still ongoing.

Hitachi called upon the services of DCA Design International. One of the world’s leading product design and development consultancies, operating globally from their Head Quarters in Warwick, UK. Transport being one of their focused market sectors. A Senior Associate of DCA Design International, Paul Rutter, explained that train interiors comprise a rich variety of materials, colours and finishes and that a key part of the interior mix is the carpet. Often overlooked as a visual component, the carpet serves as an important backdrop that sets the overall look and feel. Pattern, texture and under foot feel convey a sensual quality that can lift a design and the carpets are a major contributor to this.

“Forbo offer the degree of customisation needed to create individual carpet designs from a standardised product range. This is cost effective and provides that unique quality that rail operators are keen to offer“, said Mr Rutter.

He continued “When designing the interiors of Hitachi’s new intercity and commuter fleets Forbo offered a choice of carpet types suitable for high wear areas like vestibules and in the first class and standard class saloons where a quiet, comfortable travelling environment are the key requirements“.

Forbo carpets provide protection, sound attenuation and add that ‘domestic touch’. Mass transit vehicles like trains and metros often use hard floor coverings. Forbo products can provide similar levels of practical performance but add a degree of visual quality that enhances the journey experience.

Paul also stated that “Customisation and ease of cleaning were primary criteria for selecting the ‘Move’ and ‘Coral’ carpet products for Hitachi plus the overall low cost of ownership. By having a choice of bonded or replaceable (using hook and loop type fastening strips) the carpet fitting process is cost effective and efficient“.

IEP Class 800 Interior views.

As noted by Bob Summers: “ the product that Hitachi manufactures is a very good one. The trains are top of the range. They are a very competent Train Builder“.

Coral Classic FR (Vestibules)
By removing wet and dry soiling from the soles of shoes and wheel treads, an effective entrance system reduces premature wear and tear to interior floor coverings, minimises cleaning and maintenance costs and protects passengers by reducing slip hazards.

Coral Move FR (Saloons)
A bespoke made, tufted carpet solution for rail interiors offering great customisation possibilities to complement interior design.

To find out more about the full range of Forbo’s flooring solutions available to the rail industry please visit If you would like for a Forbo Flooring representative to contact you or to send in an enquiry then please email your details to the following address;

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Feb 2018

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