Why does thermal conductivity matter with Flooring?

One of the benefits of choosing a textile floor covering against rubber and other resilient options, is that textiles can effectively contribute to the warmth of a rail vehicle carriage. However, mandatory and stringent industry safety standards mean that it can be challenging to find a suitably compliant floor covering. So how can effective heating of carriages be achieved when faced with such challenges? The answer is, flooring that offers good thermal conductivity.

Flotex FR has better thermal conductivity compared to traditional carpets, making the product very suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. The thermal conductivity of Flotex FR is 0.0806 W/m.K. Compared to ‘typical’ 1cm thick carpet with a value of 0.18 W/m.K.[1] the difference in conductivity is clearly won by Flotex FR. Thanks to its unique composition, Flotex FR is simply a better conductor of heat compared to other textile options.

Under floor systems are becoming the preferred choice of heating due to their efficacy. Their advantage is that they heat up carriages in a uniform manner, rather than in localised areas (like traditional air blowers). Under floor systems heat the carriage from the ground up which is a more sensible approach.

flooring sample

Considering that under floor heating systems are becoming more widely used, the importance of thermal conductivity becomes more prevalent. With Flotex FR, generated heat from the under floor heating will pass easily through the material and will distribute heat throughout the carriage evenly and efficiently. This means that carriages will become warmer more quickly and could lead to significantly lower heating costs for the operator.

[1]Carpet Institute of Australia Limited, Thermal Insulation Performance of Carpet: https://www.carpetinstitute.com.au/wpcontent/uploads/2014/02/factsh_thermal.pdf


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