Red Dot Design Award for AeroLiner3000 featuring Forbo Flooring’s Tessera FR

Andreas Vogler’s AeroLiner3000 train, fitted with Forbo Flooring System’s Tessera FR which was presented at InnoTrans 2016 has been awarded the prestigious design award “Red Dot: Design Concept 2017”.

The AeroLiner3000 provides a solution to the capacity crisis on the British railways. AeroLiner3000 allows an increase in capacity by 30%. Not only does this alleviate logistical pressures, but the design also allows railways to retain their Victorian heritage by leaving existing bridges untouched. AeroLiner3000 allows for higher capacity at a lighter-weight than before, meaning that carbon emissions are also reduced.

In Europe, capacity growth has been met by usage of double decker trains, increasing a train’s capacity by up to 50% without changes to infrastructure. However, for the UK this has not been possible, hence the need for revolutionary designs within more limited parameters.085_IM_PJ_SE_IMG_8305

Award Winning Design
The Red Dot Design Award Jury awarded Andreas Vogler’s innovative design concept as a model for future trains. They were convinced by the classy travel ambience with elegant lines, neutral warm colours and selected materials. By choosing Tessera FR, it was possible to widen the perception of the space which helped to create an atmosphere similar to traveling in a business jet.

Borrowing engineering and design methods from aviation helped the conception and design of the new train.

Last July, we asked Andreas Vogler how flooring contributes to the overall aesthetic of rail vehicle interiors:
“Flooring has an immediate impact on whether a space feels comfortable or not. It is the impact on acoustics, walking, illumination and hygienic impression which makes that. A good floor covering should make you feel like you could sit down on it like in your living room or an Italian Piazza. The quality of the flooring has an immediate impact on the quality of the space. The flooring supports the seats and the quality of each element should work together.”

– Andreas Vogler

Read the full blog here

The Vision
The design allows for more seats with less weight leading to increased efficiency and the vision encapsulated the improvement of the 4Cs: “Costs”, “Capacity” “Carbon” and “Comfort”.

Andreas Vogler commented:

“The AeroLiner3000 shows that train passengers do not have to give up tasteful, quality interior design.”

Red Dot Award – One of the most Prestigious Design Awards
Identifying good design since 1950, the Red Dot Design Award received more than 18,000 applications in 2016. Making the competition one of the biggest and most prestigious design awards worldwide. See the video:

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