Safety and Comfort in Offshore Accommodation

Safety and comfort in accommodation areas is an important consideration for the offshore environment. With inevitable long days on site, having clean, safe and relaxing places to retire to are necessary for workers to successfully recharge. At Forbo Flooring, we are conscientious about helping companies to protect their offshore crew’s needs by offering fully IMO compliant products.

Maintaining accommodation is essential to ensuring the safety and comfort of personnel and to comply with industry regulations, however doing this under immense time pressures can be a challenge.  That’s why we offer products that can installed quickly to allow for projects to be turned around in a timely manner. A tiled solution such as Westbond FR, is easily transported in 50 x 50 cm boxes, is simple to lay and brings a touch of luxury and comfort to accommodation cabins and recreation areas.

It is centric to the Forbo philosophy to offer flooring solutions that ensure a safe and hygienic environment thus enhance comfort and well-being. We apply this logic through our ‘Committed to the Health of One’ initiative that pervades how we operate and the messages we project. Why not contact us to learn about how we can help to achieve your goals for your offshore interiors project?


To learn more about Westbond FR and other products suited to offshore environments, click to view our brochure

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