Floors that enhance #PaxEx

What is PaxEx?


1. A combination of Pax (passenger) and Ex from experience, this word refers to overall passenger experience. You can also find this hashtag used on twitter and instagram for tweets and posts related to the onboard experience.


Passenger comfort is vital to a satisfying experience and will help to maintain customer numbers according to research conducted by Netherlands Railways in 2013. [1]

A passenger purchasing a service expects that their basic needs will be met throughout the duration of their journey. This includes everything from a feeling sense of safety, the reliability of the service, as well as the time, ease and comfort of the experience.

In the Netherlands Railways’ research, various scientific approaches were employed to explain the need for comfort during a train journey and the ramifications of providing a poorly maintained environment. The main takeaway from the paper is, that an unpleasant train journey evokes negative emotions and could ultimately expose a brand to reputational damage. It only takes one unkempt floor covering for a customer to begin to wonder what else isn’t quite up to ‘scratch’.

Proper cleaning takes time and money and at Forbo we believe that prevention is much better than having to find a cure. Fortunately, our Coral FR entrance system can easily save time and money. The moment a passenger steps foot into a vestibule, their shoes and suitcases will interact with the dirt-scraping properties of the flooring. With every step, the entrance system reduces premature wear and tear to other interior floor coverings, minimises cleaning and maintenance costs and protects passengers by reducing slip hazards.

Coral Infographic

But the ability to enhance PaxEx does not rely on a clean carpet alone. As the adage goes, first impressions count, but seeing as passengers tend to have an extended length of time to acquaint themselves with a train’s interior, it is important to go beyond the superficial. By providing an interior that is designed to stand the test of time such as by using Forbo’s highly durable floor coverings, it is easier than ever to present a good-looking environment for longer and at no extra cost.

A passenger’s time on the train, whether it is for commuting or leisure purposes should be considered as valuable time. It is a window of opportunity for multitasking and is counted as one of the main benefits of travelling via train. For an example as to how this translates into reality we can look to those sat in the quiet zone reading a book or working on a monthly report. With services getting busier and noisier, those needing to concentrate will welcome the acoustic benefits of a Tessera FR or Flotex FR carpet  vs typical resilient floor coverings. Flotex FR also happens to be one of the easiest products to clean and maintain on the market owing to its unique construction and composition.

train-journey_3483236a-large A door-to-door journey by public transport is a complex experience (Van Hagen, 2011).

By choosing products that enhance the passenger’s experience for longer, it is easy to satisfy their basic needs. Whether a customer wants to unwind, get work done or simply sit back and enjoy the journey, ultimately their comfort levels dictate how enjoyable their train ride is. Soon, we could see customers using apps to score companies on the experience of their ride – like this one developed by the University of Birmingham. [2] In real-time, people will be able to comment on their experience from the comfort (or discomfort) of their seat.

With higher demand for rail services leading to increased levels of ridership, choosing products that are durable, promise longevity and have easy maintenance properties are the route to satisfying passengers. By maximising levels of comfort, companies will ensure that positive #PaxEx is achieved.

To see how you can improve #PaxEx, email transport@forbo.com or view our video below to see the breadth of our portfolio:

[1] ENHANCING THE EXPERIENCE OF THE TRAIN JOURNEY: Changing the focus from customer satisfaction scores to one on the emotional experience of the customer (Mark van Hagen and Pauline Bron, Netherlands Railways)

[2] http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/news/latest/2017/02/smartphones-measure-train-ride-comfort.aspx

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