Westbahn Dosto Kiss Carpet Replacement

In June 2014 Austrian rail operator, Westbahn ordered Coral Classic FR in navy blue and continue to install it on their train fleets today. Aman Poorebrahim, Production and Maintenance Manager for Westbahn tells us more about the project.

Westbahn Interior 6

“We haven’t actually finished this project yet because our strategy is to select areas and change them when the existing carpet is at the end of its life – we just changed a coach 3 days ago. We call this the “pepperoni strategy” because we change the areas step by step. As you might know, we ordered 10 new trains which will already have Coral Classic FR installed. We want to adapt the existing fleet to the new fleet so we are currently pushing forward this project. Our approach is that there should be a homogeneous appearance towards our customers.”

What was your vision for the interior refurbishment/fit out – what were you looking to create?
We are trying to create a comfortable traveling experience in an clean interior setting. We try to represent the spirit of our company through every possible detail to our customer. That’s why we make ongoing investments in interior settings.

Why did you choose Coral Classic FR?
The product gave a good result during the testing phase. Another reason is that the dirt sinks inside the carpet and can’t be seen easily. The dirt sensitivity is a big issue for us. Another reason is the stability and the easy cleaning process.

Westbahn Interior 1.jpg

What is your criteria when choosing floor coverings?
Stability, easy cleaning process, easy installation, dirt sensitivity, the feel when you step on it.

How is the product performing now that the trains are in service?
Great! The areas which we installed in the beginning are still in good conditions. One area had to be changed (a customer damaged the carpet in the entrance area) but otherwise it is doing well.

What is your cleaning & maintenance regime for Coral Classic FR?
Vacuuming every 2.5 – 6 hours. Wet Carpet cleaning (extraction) approximately once a month, depending on dirt.

What did you think of Forbo’s offer of colour and design?
I saw that there is a wide range of colors but to be honest for us we only need the colors that fit our corporate guidelines. Forbo were able to offer some really relevant choices, of which we chose Coral Classic FR in navy blue.

I once asked a colleague from a different train company how long a carpet should be in use, before he considers changing it. He said 10 to 15 years. I have the feeling that a lot of train companies think that way. We don’t.

Would you use Coral Brush FR for future projects?

Has it been a success – what (if any) issues have you faced (with regards to the product itself) and how were they overcome?
It has been a success. With Coral we’ve had no problems so far.

Discover more about our certified floor coverings for rail applications here.

Images copyrighted by Westbahn

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