Flotex FR: IMO carpet ideally suited to the marine industry

Marine applications are among some of the most demanding for textile flooring with the criteria for suitability and compliance meaning that many traditional carpets are unable to meet certification. Within the group that reach these demands, selection of what is fit for purpose is often based on the areas of use with clear product types emerging depending on whether it is the public hospitality type applications of cruise and ferry or the more corporate approach of merchant or off-shore.

Sometimes however, there is a clear need for both aesthetics and high performance. These applications are often in heavy traffic areas where there is still the need for a strong interior style. For such environments Flotex FR is the perfect choice. This unique flocked floor covering is made up of 80 million nylon 6.6 fibres per m2, making it extremely durable without compromising on warmth and comfort. It is also extremely quick and easy to clean due to its fibers being embedded in an upright position – saving you time and money on cleaning.

flotex marine designs.jpg

Flotex FR is also the most versatile choice aesthetically with over 600 designs available including ‘Firework’, ‘Spin’, ‘Orbit’ and ‘Swirl’ that have been designed specifically for marine applications. They form part of the extensive Flotex Vision collection that provides an online design resource for anyone needing inspiration in Marine interior design. Flotex FR can also be digitally printed, so should this extensive collection not have what you’re looking for, Forbo Flooring also have a team of designers who are able to create custom designs or colourways to meet the individual needs of any project.

You can explore our extensive range of Flotex FR designs here

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