Railroad Tracks by Bordalo II

Born in Lisbon in 1987, Bordalo II is a Portuguese urban artist who uses end-of-life materials to create art that relates to sustainability, environmental and social awareness. Bordalo II notes that we live in a society obsessed by materialism and consumerism, with waste and unused objects at their highest.

In Bordalo II’s artwork series, Railroad Tracks, the artist uses railway tracks as his canvas to create urban art installations. He describes this as a metaphor for the way we live; railway tracks are situated in restricted areas that are hard to access. He takes photos of the installations and posts them online – ‘where we live’ – later. This conveys our way of life – seeing things later online rather than experiencing them in real life.

Below you can see some of Bordalo II’s clever installations:

The Game of Life
Less Dependence
Heart Attack
Broken Line
This Is How We Live: Online/Offline
Music Online
Givin’ A Hand


Driving the Creativity into a Black Hole


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