Forbo adds 47 new colours to Marmoleum FR collection for the rail industry

If you read our blog regularly, you’ll already know that we’ve been supplying linoleum to the rail industry for many decades and continue to do so to this day. However, we’re always looking ahead at how we can bring new and exciting designs to our customers – we know all too well how important it is to stay relevant in the fast-moving world we now live in. Why fix it if it ain’t broke, you say? Well, we at Forbo Transport HQ like to have options, and we know you do, too. So, we’ve just extended our Marmoleum FR marbled range from 59 colours to 106 to offer you even more design freedom. With the addition of our Marmoleum Striato FR range, there is a total of 126 colours in 5 different designs available.

Before, we offered you Marmoleum Real FR – a lightly marbled range in a plethora of colours. We’ve extended that by offering an additional three ranges, all with varied concentrations of ‘marbledness’ – very technical term. These ranges are Fresco, Vivace and Concrete.

marmoleum fr range 2016.jpg
In total, we offer 5 ranges of Marmoleum FR linoleum flooring to the rail industry

As said by Brigitte Matheussen in our last blog post, the floor forms the base of your whole interior design scheme. The different strengths of marbling in each design offer a different look and feel for rail carriages.

Whilst our Striato range offers a modern and home-like feel for passengers, our marbled collections create a more urban look. Marbled designs combine anything from three to eight different colours that can vary in intensity and contrast. Sometimes they create bold, strong contrasts resembling real marble, sometimes the colours are more subtle like fresco murals.

Vivace designs are created by mixing together eight different colours. The result is a powerful combination of hues that will add elegant vibrancy to interior schemes and make a statement on carriage floors.

3424 Chagall's circus  3416 fiery fantasy

A more pared back version of Vivace is Real – a longstanding range in the rail industry. Rather than mixing together clashing bold colours, Real combines fewer shades of the same colour to create a more subtle marbled effect. This design works seamlessly with stand out seating fabrics and soft furnishings, perfectly complementing them to create a look that is fun and more cosmopolitan – well suited to cities and built up environments.

3030 blue  3245 summer pudding

For a design that will blend perfectly into its surroundings, Fresco is a tone-on-tone concept that offers tranquil hues to create a relaxing and calming environment so passengers can sit back and enjoy a peaceful journey. Quiet but still confident.

3882 relaxing lagoon  3883 moonstone

Our concrete designs offer a more natural colour palette and reflect the colours and textures of city landscapes. They are well suited to the built up environment and busy commuter services.

3712 orange shimmer  3703 comet

The beauty of our marbled collections is that they can work alone or in tandem with each other to create a varied design scheme that still works in unity – for example first and standard class interiors. marmoleum marbled collection 2016.jpg

Our Marmoleum FR marbled ranges meet the EN 45545-2 standard with a rating of HL2 with Striato FR offering an HL3 rating. To view our full collection of colours, click over to our websitelick over to our website. If you would like to be sent samples, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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