A colour refresh for Coral FR entrance matting

Wrapped up in the daily demands of life, the thought to stop and wipe your feet when entering a train or a bus is virtually non-existent. Cleaning and maintenance is often one of the biggest problems for transport operators. As we’ve said before, time is money. Busy services means little time for cleaning, resulting in highly punished floors and a less appealing passenger environment.

An inviting space for passengers ensures repeat business – alongside ticket prices and schedule, comfort and surroundings are key decision criteria. For many years, our entrance matting system, Coral FR has been protecting carriages & coaches, prolonging the lifetime of their interior floor coverings and maintaining their visual appearance. It is proven that Coral FR can reduce dirt and moisture by up to 94%, which in turn can save transport operators up to 65% on cleaning costs.

Whilst many of Coral FR’s benefits come from a functional perspective, we understand the importance of the impact of colour and design. A small area like a train carriage or bus entrance means that colour is essential in creating an impact. Coral FR entrance matting is a double-edged sword, it brings the functionality and convenience necessary for transport operators and a great visual aesthetic to appeal to passengers. After extensive research and development, we have added 14 new colours to our Coral FR range to ensure a fresh and forward-thinking collection of commercially viable designs.


Colour is the main driver for how the product looks and as such we focus a lot of energy on translating our global trends into the yarn combinations necessary to develop a Coral product. The process starts with a colour board which creates a guide pointing to the areas that are important in the range. Ensuring a visually appealing collection is key and it is a skilled job to create the right palette with many trial samples being produced before final references are selected. Traditionally grey and blue make up a high percentage of our volume but we appreciate that a much wider palette is required in order to satisfy our customers’ diverse needs. Design trends are also important tending to be more about texture and direction, like a linear specific feel rather than a definitive pattern. Our main aim is to design a collection that provides products which can be coordinated with any flooring following on from the entrance area whilst also giving designers and end users alike a great array of designs and colourways to choose from. The collection is made up of three ranges, Coral Brush FR, Coral Classic FR and Coral Duo FR, all designed to work on their own or cohesively with each other.

View the new Coral FR colours here.



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