Flooring that can achieve function & style in the rail industry

A common obstacle when designing rail vehicles is achieving both function and style to create the ultimate passenger experience and brand representation. As manufacturers, designers and operators in the rail industry will know, vehicle certifications are stringent and must be adhered to, which can sometimes limit creativity.

Naturally, passenger safety is of the utmost importance and when it comes to flooring, the list of requirements can be quite long. The flooring on board a train is required to be fire resistant, slip resistant, and easy to clean as well as delivering underfoot comfort, good acoustics and high durability. This list is already quite extensive and nonetheless very necessary but then style and appearance comes into play, lengthening the list even further.

Rail vehicle projects almost always look to stand out among rivals, represent the brand behind the train and create a positive & memorable experience for passengers. As global rail investment has increased by approximately 27% over the past 9 years with no sign of stopping, the ability to meet the functional criteria listed above as well as creating a stand-out interior is becoming even more difficult.

Over the last 30+ years of supplying floor coverings to the rail industry, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in achieving both function and style on board rail vehicles. Our experiences enabled us to create Tessera Alignment FR, a cut & loop pile carpet featuring a clever hybrid construction that combines function with highly attractive aesthetics.

Achieving an HL2 rating within the EN45545-2 standard, Tessera Alignment FR also offers brilliant comfort and acoustic properties. Due to its 100% nylon construction, Tessera FR is easy to clean and maintain with the right care, an ideal benefit to busy railway operators whose vehicles spend little time out of service. With renowned durability, Tessera Alignment FR offers outstanding performance and long lasting visual appeal in high traffic areas and demanding environments on board rail vehicles.

Tessera Alignment FR comes in an urban colour palette, perfectly suited to the rail industry but if your project requires unique hues, Tessera FR can be recoloured to match any interiors scheme. Its hybrid construction creates a sophisticated and cleverly textured look that can enhance any rail vehicle interior whilst functionally performing to a high standard.

Tessera_meteorite grey seats.jpg
Tessera Alignment FR

Having been installed on KiwiRail Scenic’s latest trains, Auckland Transport‘s new electric vehicles and most recently, Virgin Trains East Coast’s MkIV and HST trains, Tessera Alignment FR has a proven track record. This hardwearing yet attractive nylon carpet can achieve all functional requirements whilst still creating a modern and inviting look and feel for passengers.

Auckland Transport
Kiwirail Cafe Car_Shot-1 v04flat_full size
KiwiRail Scenic
virgin-trains-east-coast-hst-interior-refresh_24074125851_o cropped
Virgin Trains East Coast

For more information on Tessera FR and our wider product portfolio, please contact us here

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