Meet our self-taught designer bringing fresh ideas to the rail industry

From Assendelft, Netherlands, Raymond Koomen has worked for Forbo Flooring Systems Raymond.jpg
for nineteen years. After studying Nature and Landscape Conservation, Raymond joined our Coral factory in Krommenie as an R&D Assistant in 1997 and now works there as a Designer and R&D Manager. As a self-taught designer, Raymond plays an important role in rail projects, working with customers to meet their project needs. He was also instrumental in the creation of our latest product, Coral Move FR.  We talked with Raymond about the process he goes through when creating new custom designs and collections.

When asked what inspires Raymond when beginning the design process, he talked about his influence from our great natural world.”I get my inspiration from nature. Everything is already invented in nature and because it is the survival of the fittest only the perfect solutions survive. When it is not perfect, you will become extinct.”

The floor plays a different part in each interior design scheme. “I look for structures, colours, ducksfeelings, smells, reflections, systems to mimic.” Says the 47 year old designer who loves heavy metal music and thriller films. When a floor covering should blend into the interior, Raymond talks about taking inspiration from the earth-coloured feathers of the female duck. “She has the perfect colour and feather structure to blend into the environment. But when a floor covering should stand out, her spouse, the drake is my inspiration, with his bold and beautiful colours to attract the highest attention.”

With Coral FR, there is no standard range restriction for transport products, every design is custom made. “This is perfect for a designer because every time there is a new challenge. We develop for and with customers. That is also one of the most enjoyable parts of designing.”

Coral Move img3_Red_grey seats Coral Move Red and Grey
3D simulated Coral Move FR designs by Raymond

Raymond works closely with a lot of designers and decision makers in the industry to collect information about what they are looking for to transfer into a design. Within a just a week, a first impression of the design can be shown to the customers as a computer simulation. When the customer is happy with the design small samples are made to show to the customer and once a final design has been agreed, the full batch will be made and delivered.

Raymond shows Atlantic Design some new custom design samples

“I really like to be challenged” says Raymond, “I would say to customers to bring me a challenge and I will do everything I can to make it work!”

For more information about Coral FR or our wider portfolio in rail, marine and bus & coach, contact us here.

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