Forbo Flooring Systems improves its environmental footprint by 23.1%

Forbo Flooring Systems this week announces the final results of its 5 year project that aimed to reduce its environmental footprint, resulting in a reduction of 23.1%. At the same time Forbo Flooring Systems’ contribution to the global warming potential expressed in CO2 equivalents is reduced by 37.7%.

forbo environmental footprint

Over the past 5 years Forbo Flooring Systems measured its environmental impacts from “cradle to installation on the floor”, aiming to reduce the company’s environmental footprint compared to the base line of 2009.These impacts were measured with the so-called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. This worldwide-accepted methodology takes into account different impacts and not only global warming. The different impacts are equally weighted and calculated for the weighted average of the entire product portfolio.

The outcome is the result of improvements in the whole supply chain.  Our also suppliers had their fair share in the result, based on energy savings and switching to green energy sources. All Forbo Flooring operations sites run today on green electricity and almost all product waste is reused in our products. New innovative processes have been developed that have a positive contribution, reducing the environmental impact. The environmental impacts for the individual flooring products, calculated using the LCA methodology are reported in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that are published on our website.

At the same time Forbo Flooring Systems announces a continuation of its ambition to further improve its environmental footprint using the principles of the 4R program: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Renew. A new dimension in Forbo’s sustainability focus is expressed by the Committed to the Health of One program that looks more closely at flooring products offering health benefits for the individual. Forbo’s ambition is based on the belief that the quality of its products, continuous innovation and state of the art processes will result in a flooring product portfolio that enhances the quality of the indoor environment.

Within the Transport team, we are proud to contribute to reducing environmental impact on board rail vehicles, buses, coaches and seagoing vessels, increasing the many benefits that public transport offers. To find out more about our offer, contact us here.

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