Directions in Design share their expertise in Marine Interior Design


Mia Mandel – Senior Designer

Directions in Design Inc. is a design service company based in St Louis, USA. They have serviced the marine industry with their interior design expertise for thirty years and have just completed their 325th marine interior design project. Forbo Flooring Systems has worked with Directions in Design to provide safe yet attractive floor coverings to seagoing vessels for over 20 years. We catch up with Senior Design and Project Manager, Mia Mandel to ask her more about DiD’s breadth of experience in the marine industry.

How important do you think the interior design of seagoing vessels is?
Our clients rely on our knowledge & expertise to create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate functionality for their vessels.  While understanding the regulatory issues of materials that are specified for passing SOLAS & USCG requirements.

What can good flooring design contribute to marine interiors?
Durability & maintenance on passenger ferries have become the main focus on flooring, as well as visual excitement when boarding the vessel.  We feel we accomplish this mainly with the flooring materials we specify.

How can interior design in marine enhance passenger experience?
Our clients rely on us for creating a comfortable & unique interior for the passengers, so they experience long term added value. Passengers appreciate a nice & attractive design, along with functionality and safety concerns, showing the importance in the design of the interiors.

Hornblower Hybrid Ship

When deciding on flooring for your projects, what are the main factors you consider? What is important to you when choosing?
Durability, maintenance & safety concerns are our biggest challenges when selecting a flooring.  However, we do not compromise on the design integrity on the floor coverings.  We make sure we design and address the concerns, to create an interior that is cohesively attractive and functional for the passengers.

Where do you get your inspiration from for projects in marine?
Every client/project is different, and located all over the United States including Alaska & Hawaii, along with Canada.  We may be asked to use “logo” colors on the interior, while some clients have very specific ideas they want to convey in the design.  We research each & every project to maintain the style of design that works for the passengers and crew members alike.

Where do you see the design of seagoing vessels heading in the future? Do you think there is a growing focus on interior design?
In the vessel industry, the need for space is our biggest challenge.  Design functionality and creative space planning is needed to accommodate a maximum amount of passengers, usually in a small area, that is still comfortable & inviting for the passengers.  We will also design food service areas to help minimize the amount of queuing that can occur as well.  While we maintain the most current codes for ADA compliance, SOLAS & USCG standards,  passengers are more educated and have become accustomed to a certain level of comfort that we create for them. 

To learn more about our partnership with Directions in Design and our offer in the the marine industry, please contact us here.

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