SNCF visit Forbo Flooring Krommenie

SNCF_Logo2011.pngInternational Key Account Manager – Transportation, Frederic Lepron hosted our latest meeting with SNCF last month which took place at our Forbo Flooring Coral site in Krommenie, The Netherlands where many positives were celebrated. Beyond anniversaries or New Year celebrations, Forbo Flooring Netherlands successfully put in place all elements of SNCF’s requirements, creating a sound supply chain.

Coral Move Red and Grey
Coral Move FR

During the meeting, we discussed how both companies could best work together and made modifications to suit all involved. We agreed on all criteria such as product validation and its link to design but also its link to the technical requirements for around 300 parts. Emile Kikkert, Group Sales Services Manager at Forbo Flooring, gave the SNCF team a tour of our Krommenie, showing them how our Coral FR products are manufactured.

Forbo Flooring have worked closely with SNCF, supplying them with Coral FR Entrance Systems since the 1980s and more recently, our latest rail vehicle carpet, Coral Move FR.

coral fr econyl yarn fishing nets
Coral FR Entrance Matting

The agenda of the meeting was completed successfully and we would like to say a big thank you to SNCF for visiting us at Forbo Flooring Krommenie, their continued support and expertise.

*Images shown are examples of each product and are not specific to SNCF projects.


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