Coral Move FR: The Key to Custom Design

Today we launch the latest addition to our wide portfolio of floor coverings for rail; Coral Move FR. Derived from our well established textile entrance system, Coral FR, Coral Move FR is a tufted carpet solution offering extensive custom design and colour possibilities to complement any rail interior project.

The birth of Coral Move FR happened during the development of a product in a different segment says Raymond Koomen Bonnier, who has worked for Forbo Flooring as a Senior Designer for eighteen years. “Some key customers in the transport industry were asking for a product without the scraper yarn used in our Coral FR Entrance System. At that time I was developing a product for hotel corridors. One and one became two. I showed some of the hotel corridor prototypes to the transportation industry. The feedback was very positive.” exclaims Raymond.

Coral Move Red and Grey

Business Director of Coral & Nuway, Tom Kuijper, has worked for Forbo Flooring for seventeen years and lead the team during the creation process of Coral Move FR. “We wanted to offer our customers a floor covering, both from a functional and from a design perspective. This means that not only do we comply to all the legal requirements around safety, fire retardancy, smoke and wear, which are needed for the rail sector, but our customers can use this platform to configure their own special product, of course supported by Forbo Flooring.” says Tom. With Coral Move FR, customers can really focus on what they want in terms of design, end-consumer well-being and corporate identity. “Meeting EN 45 545-2 HL2 is only the beginning.” says Jacco Vlaar, Head of Key Account Management for Transportation, “High comfort and warmth, easy daily and periodic maintenance and a wide choice of colours are also some of the key benefits for our rail customers.”

What sets Coral Move FR aside from other textile floor coverings, is that it doesn’t exist as a pre-designed product range, it is simply a product construction, giving incredible design freedom to our customers. “In essence we are providing a platform for designers, giving them a tried and tested product and the freedom to choose from 132 colours resulting in thousands of different design and colour combinations.” Says Kees Boon, Sales Service Manager for Coral. The beauty of Coral Move FR is the immense flexibility it gives our customers. “Coral Move FR’s customisation capabilities do not stop at a colour and design; we can offer custom roll sizes or cut-to-shape pieces, delivered where and when our customers need it.” adds Jacco.

Coral Move img3_Red_grey seats

Coral Move FR is produced using Econyl 100% regenerated nylon yarn, ensuring high quality, durability and sustainability. If you would like to know more about this product, please contact us here.

Written by Chloe Taylor, Marketing – International Key Accounts


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