Reduce Cleaning Time and Retain Visual Appeal for Longer with Flotex FR

Flotex Cleaning - Translink NIWhen cleaning passenger transport vehicle floor coverings, a solid regime is necessary in order to retain visual quality. To avoid taking vehicles out of service for long periods of time, it is important that this regime takes as little time as possible whilst still maintaining its effectiveness. Without the need for specialist cleaning products or complex methods, Flotex FR is the ideal solution for busy passenger transport vehicles with high volumes of traffic.

Due to its Nylon 6.6 fibres, Flotex FR doesn’t absorb stains and dirt into its flock, instead they sit on the surface, making them very easy to extract. Weaker stains can be removed with just water and a small amount of standard neutral detergent. For larger, more invasive stains, a standard rotary scrubber cleaning machine is sufficient to return Flotex back to its original state, retaining its colour and design.

Flotex Before  Flotex After
Before cleaning                                                        After cleaning

See below the recommended steps for cleaning Flotex FR.

  • The first step is to remove any dry soiling. We recommend a quality vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush to extract dirt and dust from within the fibres. Vacuum in all possible directions to achieve optimum stain removal.
  • After thoroughly vacuuming, mix the detergent with some water. It is important that the detergent is neutral to avoid damaging the polyamide fibres. Spray evenly across the floor.
  • Allow time for the the detergent solution to soak into the pile.
  • Next, using a standard floor cleaning machine with a red disc, clean the relevant area thoroughly.
  • Repeat this action again to rinse of all detergent.
  • Allow to dry before use

For smaller stains, spot cleaning is sufficient. For this method, you will need a scraper, a hard bristled brush, a cloth, water and a neutral detergent. The quicker you get to the stain, the easier it is to remove.

flotex tomato sauce Flotex Coca Cola

  • Pour water mixed with neutral detergent onto the soiled area
    Flotex Water
  • Scrape up as much as you can into the cloth
    Flotex Scrape
  • Using the hard bristled brush, brush over the stain in a circular motion to agitate it
    Flotex Scrubbing Brush
  • Rinse with water and remove any excess liquid using the scraper and the cloth

You can see just how easy to clean Flotex FR is in the video below:

Written by Chloe Taylor, Marketing – International Key Accounts

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