Bionic Flooring Close to Nature

With more than 70 million Nylon 6.6 fibres per square metre, Flotex FR is as strong as a bamboo construction, but maintains the comfort of a moss surface, mimicking the rich colour pallet that can be found in the natural world. This transfer of bionic technology from the living fauna and flora to manmade processes help to create an optimized and highly efficient product. A classic example of bionic technologies is the development of water and dirt repellent surfaces that also can be observed from the leaves of the lotus flower.

bionic flooring

What brings Flotex FR even closer to nature is its environmental properties. To ensure both our processes and our products are environmentally friendly, Flotex FR is manufactured in factories powered by 100% green electricity, based in the UK and in France. The production of our uniquely flocked floor covering involves only water based inks & dyes and uses no chemical processes other than high temperature steam treatment to secure colouring. We’ve ensured that Flotex FR is 100% phthalate free, creating a safer environment for passengers and staff on board transport vehicles.


The real advantage to our customers for using Flotex FR is the extreme performance of the product, with a life time that surpasses that of ordinary textiles by a factor 6. Flotex FR is a highly sustainable textile, allowing less regular replacement and thus, creating a better environment.

Written by Lars Hornbostel – Director, Product Management for Flotex

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