Sustainability is about the things you can’t see…

Here at Forbo Flooring Systems, our mantra is creating better environments, not only for buildings but for transport vehicles, too. It goes without saying that style and design are key priorities when creating our product ranges, but looks aren’t everything; often, it’s the things you can’t see that really matter. In striving to create better environments, we focus on two main things; how a floor is made and how it performs.

Forbo Footprint Infographic

How it is made
We believe it is important to give back to our planet so our efforts to achieve great sustainability are not just directed at the end product, but also the journey our floors take. From how we run our factories to how we choose our ingredients, the way we make our floors is a big part of how we meet our mission.

We use Life Cycle Assessment, an open and transparent methodology, to measure our products’ complete environmental performance. We’re committed to Green Design principles: to increasing efficiency, reducing the use of virgin raw materials and always searching for the most environmentally appropriate solution.

We reduce, reuse, recycle and renew. For example, we collect installation off-cuts and help re-purpose end-of-life waste into new products. Our floors are made in clean and efficient factories that are powered by 100% renewable electricity.

How it performs
We include the whole life of a floor when we think about its sustainability performance. Which means we make sure our floors start performing from the moment they’re fitted.

We understand that floors have different roles to play within a building. Because we make a wide range of flooring, we’ll start by recommending the best floor for the job, taking into account how sustainable it will be for the desired project.

We are committed to ensuring Forbo floors are always easy to install , require less maintenance and use less cleaning chemicals throughout their life, saving our customers time and money.

How can you get involved?
We know that in order to achieve true sustainability, our focus cannot be solely on what we do ourselves, but should also be on the extended supply chain. You can help to create better environments by getting involved in our sustainability schemes. In the UK, join our Back to the Floor programme. We’ll collect any installation off-cuts and recycle them back into our products, saving you money by reducing the amount of waste you send to landfills. Worldwide, if you have received a sample that you no longer need, send it back to us and we can use it again.

forbo back to the floor

At Forbo Flooring, creating better environments means making truly sustainable floors that are good for people, good for their surroundings and good for the environment.

Written by Chloe Taylor, Marketing – International Key Accounts

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