Flotex FR rolls out for Translink NI Railways

In recent years, Translink NI Railways fitted 20 new Class 4000 train vehicles with a bespoke design of Flotex FR. In keeping with a host of interior design enhancements, Forbo Flooring specified and installed the uniquely flocked product to meet the requirements for a design-led, high performance flooring. The digitally printed floor covering played a significant part in creating a welcoming, comfortable and distinctive interior environment for passengers.


Through working closely with DCA Design International and Translink NI Railways, we were able to create something totally unique to the customer. One of the specific elements of the design brief was to align the interior fittings, finishes and floor coverings with new livery and Translink NI’s latest corporate guidelines. Paul Rutter, Senior Design Associate at DCA said “Having complete design flexibility with Flotex FR enabled us to develop a cohesive, well-balanced interior colour scheme using our own colour specifications.”

Not only did we achieve a contemporary and inviting design but Flotex FR also offered Translink NI Railways extensive cleaning and maintenance benefits. Rutter explains why he wanted to specifiy Flotex FR for the project, “It provides a very practical surface that can be easily cleaned and stays looking good regardless of the wear and daily use in wet and wintery conditions. Most carpets would be short lived if subjected to this sort of punishment but Flotex seems to thrive on it.”


New Trains Two Programme Manager at Translink NI, James Erwin added: “We wanted a textile floor covering on these trains for warmth and acoustic properties but we weren’t so keen on the cleaning and maintenance requirements associated with conventional carpets so Flotex offered us an ideal alternative.”

Translink NI Railways had already used Flotex FR on trains back in 2005, which are still in service today and performing well.  Erwin concluded the project by saying “We would certainly use Flotex FR again on similar types of rail projects as the benefits are clear.”

To find our more about Flotex, head to our website.

Written by Chloe Taylor, Marketing – International Key Accounts

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