The unexpected nature of Marmoleum FR

Global warming has been a contentious issue for many years now and is a big a problem our planet faces. Worth 160 billion euros, the global rail industry is monumental in our economy, in our society and most importantly, in our environment. Already stated as the most environmentally friendly mode of urban transport, the industry is always looking for new ways to become even greener.


As discussed in our ‘Create a greener rail environment with Marmoleum FR’ blog post, Marmoleum FR can greatly reduce the environmental impact of rail vehicles. “Our linoleum product is truly green, which is clear if you look at the ingredients; linseed oil, wood flour and limestone, amongst others.” says Patrick Mulder, Product Manager at Forbo Flooring Systems. “The beauty of Marmoleum is that it is completely transparent, we don’t just talk about one small element being green, but the product in its entirety.” adds Mulder, “It’s inspired by nature but it lives up to its performance promise.”

Marmoleum FR’s natural ingredients

The natural resources used to create Marmoleum FR are controlled and sustainable. What’s more is that the product is made in a factory that is powered by 100% green energy and that keeps waste to a bare minimum.

Marmoleum has the largest number of environmental certifications and labels in the industry” says Director of Linoleum Product Management, Edwin Duijnisveld.

Not only is Marmoleum FR made of 85% raw materials, it’s also light in weight, further diminishing impact on the environment by saving energy. There is also the benefit of Marmoleum FR’s Topshield2 layer, a protective lacquer that resists scratches and repels dirt, creating a longer lasting floor covering.

This linoleum product is ideal for rail vehicles due to its immense durability, hygiene and easy-to-clean properties, not to mention its extensive design capabilities. “Marmoleum FR hides dirt very well, it has a great natural look that can help passengers to feel comfortable and at home” says Mulder, “By changing the way we bring Marmoleum’s natural products together – a process called calendaring – we can create an array of stylish and unique designs”.

“Forbo Flooring are very proud of the trains Marmoleum FR is already installed in, but we want to show more businesses just how great it performs and how fantastic it looks.” says Duijnisveld, “Looking towards the future, we plan to keep expanding design options and technical features.”

For more information on Marmoleum FR, head to our website or contact us:

Written by Chloe Taylor, Marketing – International Key Accounts

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