Cleaning & maintenance for carpets, what’s the big secret?

With millions of people around the world boarding and departing trains every day, we all know too well that rail vehicles are subjected to a phenomenal amount of dirt and moisture, leaving stains and marks on seats and flooring in particular. Without the correct methods of cleaning and maintenance being applied, can reduce the appearance retention on interior fittings. Not forgetting that poorly maintained interior fittings can also diminish the passenger journey experience, and thus, lessening customer satisfaction levels. If you’re wondering what the big secret to easy cleaning and maintenance is, there isn’t one!

One problem for rail operators is that they are time poor when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, after all, trains in the depot are not trains in service. Time is money. The first step to solving any cleaning and maintenance issues is assessing the type of floor coverings being installed. Polyamide carpets are better suited to high traffic, soil prone areas than that of wool carpets due to the fact they absorb moisture so much less. Polyamide carpets don’t offer anywhere for stains to hide, meaning much easier cleaning.

There are no magic tricks or specialist machinery to successful cleaning and maintenance, in fact, simple methods are enough. In the case of polyamide carpets, hot water extraction with minimum detergent is the most effective way to remove stains. For everyday upkeep, regular cleaning with a commercial vacuum cleaner is sufficient to keep floor coverings looking fresh.

Carpet Cleaning - Before - 18.05.2015 - cropped
Carpet Cleaning - After - 18.05.2015 - Cropped

If the right methods are applied to rail floor coverings, rail operators can maintain a high quality look and feel for passenger and staff comfort and satisfaction.

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Written by Bob Summers, International Key Accounts Manager – Transportation

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