Create a greener rail environment with Marmoleum FR

As we move to a more sustainability-conscious and eco-friendly society, green and naturally sourced products are at the forefront of consumption, and the rail industry is no exception. Many people are moving from car travel to rail travel in order to create a lesser impact on the environment. According to recent studies by the EU Environment Agency, rail travel produces the least amount of CO2 emissions out of all modes of passenger transport, making it the most environmentally friendly.

co2 emissions modes of transport

Designing rail vehicles to be greener is not just about using more conscious engine parts and electrical components, it also means using environmentally friendly products in the interior of the train. It is important to consider the impact of the supply chain and how your suppliers manufacture their products. Marmoleum FR is a linoleum floor covering, produced by Forbo Flooring Systems and made from 85% natural materials. 68% of these materials are rapidly renewable, making Marmoleum FR highly sustainable and therefore creating much less impact long-term.

ns rail

An increasing amount of consumers are actively looking to reduce their own carbon footprint by not only changing their behaviour but also by buying from more conscious businesses. Creating an environment that is inviting, stylish and most importantly, eco-friendly is vital in encouraging people to travel by rail. The appeal of traveling by car is the feeling of comfort and ease, an experience that should be emulated on trains to retain passengers and spur on more people to commit to traveling by train.

Marmoleum FR’s high sustainability values are not at the sacrifice of style and performance, it offers legendary durability and actually toughens with age as well as offering extensive colour and design choices. Marmoleum FR creates a bright, fresh and modern look, enhancing passenger experience. What’s more is Marmoleum FR is fully certified to meet rail standards, adding safety to its many benefits.

In 2012, Nederlandse Spoorwegen chose Marmoleum FR in two colour ways for 250 of its double decker trains, creating a vibrant and attractive environment whilst still maintaining, performance, safety and environmental properties. This robust and reliable floor covering ticks all of the boxes and can immediately enhance any rail vehicle it is installed in.

FFS - Dutch Rail Marmoleum Striato 1

Marmoleum FR is available in two ranges; Real FR & Striato FR, in a wide range of colours to complement any interior design scheme. If you’re looking for something completely unique, custom design solutions are also available – just ask.

To view Forbo Flooring’s full range of floor coverings for rail, view our brochure here.


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