The changing trend in rail floor coverings

The trend in carpets for the rail market is changing course. For decades, the market favoured wool carpets but due to economic issues, other types of floor coverings are being considered. Network operators, OEMs and subcontractors, i.e. subfloor covering manufacturers are increasingly considering Flotex FR. Forbo-Train-0007-Edit

Flotex FR offers conformity to the EN45545-2, which will be the main recognised standard by the end of 2016. Furthermore, the product offers durability and longevity due to its structure of polyamide yarns. Flotex’s maintenance, cleanability and durability performance characteristics are well known, other key characteristics regularly sought after are:

  • Thermal Resistance: Flotex has a very low thermal resistance (0,0411m2K/W EN 8302). In the transportation industry, energy is important and less resistance results in less energy consumption within trains that use subfloor heating.
  • Weight: Flotex FR has a weight of 1,225g/sqm (ISO 8543); much lighter than other carpets which are around 3kg/sqm on average. More than 60% less weight pressure on the chassis. Thus, further reduction in energy consumption.

Forbo-Train-0040 Customer requirements are always our main focus, but at Forbo Flooring Systems we aim to meet them in a sustainable way, greatly considering our energy consumption and the impact of our environmental footprint. We aim to create better environments.

Frédéric Lépron, International Key Accounts Manager – Transportation

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